Ten people are killed in different incidents in Guerrero

03 Jun

Despite police surveillance and Security Operations Warrior, at least 10 people were killed overnight and during Saturday in various violent incidents in the port of Acapulco.

Ten people are killed in different incidents in Guerrero
Ten people are killed in different incidents in Guerrero

First about 4:30 am in the crosses, which is at the entrance to the city coming from Mexico City, Federal Police chased a yellow cab which left one person dead, all though the authorities attempted to stop the taxi he never stopped, which led to a chase that ended when the driver was hit by bullets and he was detained.

At the scene the prosecutor was presented with initial information and ordered the transfer of the deceased to SEMEFO.

Nearby, in the colony crosses the Police were called at 7 am to the street of Allende where a man and woman’s dead bodies were located when the police arrived. The bodies of the man and a woman were between 25 and 30 years of age, apparently killed by gunshots.

Almost at the same time, on a roadside in federal Acapulco-Chilpancingo a compact car white Nissan Tsuru was found with the bodies of four men who apparently were hanged with barbed wire.

Another man, was being transported in a van and apparently tried to escape, so his captors opened fire on him at the scene and the officers found four shell casings of 45 caliber and 9 mm in the cruiser on Cayaco road at about 9 am.

Later, about two o’clock, the head of a man was found in Vicente Guerrero Boulevard, a busy avenue at the entrance of the city, the head corresponds to a person of dark complexion, short hair, straight, beside the body was found a backpack, whose contents are unknown.

Finally around 5 pm, at the top of Acapulco in the southern colony Revolution was found under stones, the body of a man half-buried, the body was found toward the hill, about a mile from where the end houses, the place came forensic experts who initiated rescue efforts, according to experts the body had a few hours of being buried on site.

The bodies of all these people were taken to SEMEFO of Acapulco and the places where people were killed attended by prosecutors to testify to the facts and order the transfer of bodies.

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