Police announces reward for capturing “Diego Stubble”

04 Jun
Colombian national police logo.
Colombian national police logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: Reuters

Colombian police going to pay two informants,” said Leon Riano.

The deputy director of the Colombian police, General Leon Riano , said Sunday he will pay a reward to two informants who helped with the location and arrest of the drug trafficker Diego Perez Henao , alias “Diego Stubble”, who was captured on Sunday in Venezuela.

Colombian police to pay reward to two informants,” said Leon Riano and Perez Henao explained that there is a reward from the United States government $ 5 million and the Colombian government for 1,200 million pesos ($ 655,000).

The senior officer of the Colombian Police also revealed to reporters that “Diego Stubble” was arrested “fatter and aged” through the sharing of information from the Colombian police and the NAO ( National Anti ) of Venezuela.

Leon Riaño gave details of the operation to capture the drug dealer next to the Armed Forces Commander, General Alejandro Navas.

The police commander also said that Perez Henao “performing work of a rice farm foreman “in Barinas and was arrested with ten men who escorted him and pretended to be workers in the building.

He added that the criminal gang Los Rastrojos “would be now under the leadership of Luis Enrique Calle Serna , one of ‘ The Comba ‘”(fighters, whose brother Javier negotiated his surrender to U.S. authorities).

However, the officer said, “no matter who is left of leader, because he left the police will come with full capacity whether in Colombia or in foreign territory .”

In recent months, “a total of 36 leaders of the first level of drug traffickers, gangs and terrorist organizations have been arrested in foreign territories, product operations between the Colombian police and intelligence sharing and police and governments of those countries. “

Gen. Leon Riaño offered his “appreciation and thanks to the Venezuelan authorities for intelligence information welcomed to locate and capture these criminals in that territory.”

Shortly before Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, considered as a “great catch” the detention of “Diego Stubble” and congratulated the police in Colombia and Venezuela.

Santos wrote on his Twitter account  “Captured in Venezuela and fully identified by alias Diego Police Stubble with full cooperation of the neighboring country. Great capture.”

He added in another message that “this bandit ‘ Stubble Diego ‘had reward of 5 million. Congratulations to our police and ONA (Office of National Drug Control) of Venezuela. Blow to the Bacrim “criminal gangs).


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