$20 million reward offered for those responsible for Caquetá attack

05 Jun

The attack killed a woman and her baby to be born and a woman and two policemen.

$20 million reward offered for those responsible for Caquetá attack

$20 million reward offered for those responsible for Caquetá attack

The police offered a reward of $ 20 million for information leading to the identification and arrest of the perpetrators of the harassment of guerrilla attack in the municipality of La Montanita , which left five people dead.

Following a security meeting held in the area of the facts, General Jose Vicente Alfonso Segura said that besides the reward was ordered to redouble efforts to combat insurgent groups in the region.

“The rifle fire attack, perpetrated by members of FARC‘s Front 15 , is a heinous act (…) after this ambush is deployed to support an offensive army and secured the area. Results were expected soon against these terrorists, “he said.

In a statement the vice president of Colombia, Angelino Garzón , condemned the incident, stating that “the attack is a clear violation of human rights and norms of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

Garzon said that “all people who suffered from this attack are humble people: farmers, women, minors, and police.

“What is revolutionary about that? The real revolutionary stance would protect them,” he said.

The attack occurred in the same jurisdiction in which members of the guerrilla group ambushed on 28 April to counter-narcotics patrol was traveling with the French journalist Roméo Langlois , who was reporting in the area.

Langlois , was wounded in the arm, was held by the insurgents until May 30 when he was released.

FARC terrorists Climbing

Another FARC attack, this time in the department of Cauca, one soldier was killed, two others were injured and one child is in delicate health, after fighting between the Army and the Sixth Front of FARC .

The fact was presented last Sunday in the town of Huasanó in Caloto jurisdiction in northern Cauca.

Also, in the rural areas of Corinth, and Toribio Miranda , there were attacks against troops column Jacobo Arenas Task Force Apollo , who advanced control and logging operations, where nine insurgents were neutralized.

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