We’re Mexican, Join our struggle agaisnt crime!

10 Jun
We’re Mexican, Join our struggle agaisnt crime!

A group of citizens organized to provide a direct struggle against crime, but not with weapons but with the word

MEXICO CITY,, calls on citizens to face violence, but not with weapons but with words. Through pamphlets, Citizens are invited to print flyers with phrases: “If we are together there is no place for crime, We are the majority, That makes us stronger, if you do not know your neighbors, then you do not know where you live,” among others.

The way to do this propaganda must be limited, so indicate on their “We are anonymous because the nature and effectiveness of our actions so require.”

They are convinced that there are only two ways: “keep watching how Mexico is destroyed or do something to organize and fight it without violence but with determination, courage and efficiency, to retrieve our country from crime, impunity and corruption”.

To carry out its actions seek to end the apathy that exists among people, this is the main axis “summon as many people as possible to join this movement and on the other, organize Citizen Defense Committees.” has a master plan divided into three: “our Master Plan for the Recovery of Security consists of three phases. The first is the establishment of Citizen Defense Committees (CDC), the second in the recovery of public spaces, and the third in the implementation of comprehensive security methods that will ensure the restoration of a lasting security environment in our communities”.

And they claim that “the success of this plan depends on the level of commitment and organization of citizens, so it will be very important for the integration of the CDC is done scrupulously.”

Want to know more about this group of people seeking help Mexico out of this spiral of violence and corruption? Visit:

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