farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

11 Jun

Fausto Vallejo discarded the idea of organ trafficking of the murdered children of Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan. – The murder of his children Arroyo and Jose Luis Rosales Yamileth Heredia is not related to organ trafficking. Here we don’t have ‘the organ trade, said the governor, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa.

This afternoon, the governor presided over the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of boarding Spain-Mexico, once completed, he spoke about the case to the Attorney General of the State and the Department of Public Safety share three hypotheses, which failed to reveal any results.

That is what citizens are demanding results, I have three reasons I have expressed both to the Public Security Office, but we have an obligation to be discreet so as not to hinder it.”

farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

The streets where they used to play are now occupied with coffins, hundreds of people are going to fire them, they leave flowers, candles or pray that their souls rest in peace in the afterlife with God, they are Jose Luis Gonzalez Arroyo are, Chepe and Yamilet Daniela Heredia Calderon, Yami, are children of Tenure Morelos, whose bodies were found Saturday in a water pipe.

The un-consolable parents with downcast eyes go from side to side in this sad funeral, they watch as people come and collecting his feeling that all this is like living a nightmare.

According to Scheme Agency, the people of tenure sympathize with the loss of Chepe and Yami, go to the wake and give the condolences to the bereaved, in a brotherly hug, a handshake that is translated as a gesture of encouragement. Chepe’s mother cries, no room for words, there is no way how to describe their suffering while sitting in a chair near the door of his house, with a bottom shelf where a photograph of his son now dead, surrounded by flowers and religious images, just laughs, Chepe’s voice when he played in that place has been supplied by silence for the pain. Yamilet’s parents, talk with their other family members are serious, they can not believe what happened while justice requires clarification of the case.

In irony, Farewell Street became precisely a farewell, a goodbye to the angels of the Morelos Holding, whose loss will always marked this population.

Daniel Heredia, Yamilet father, said of the prosecutors’ investigations: “Since my daughter was taken by a Group of kidnappers, Anti-Kidnapping was supporting us a lot, and it was very good work, the operation where they located my daughter was well orchestrated, there were plenty of staff, police, paramedics and dogs, now we just want to continue to investigate and clarify the case.”

Also, Leticia Solorio Garcia, Chepe’s aunt, said: “We lost children and came to find them as well, already dead, we want justice. You do not run this with impunity, what we want is that the police come to the end and discover the truth.” Today Tenure Morelos mourns for the loss of two of his children, whom their deaths surprised them in the prime of his childhood, Jose Luis, was four he disappeared from his home on May 11th of this month, while Daniela Yamilet was lost on the 30th of that month, she was five years old.

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