“piracy czar”, alleged member of Los Zetas cartel arrested

15 Jun

Mexican authorities today presented to journalists the detained Gregorio Villanueva Salas, known as “piracy czar”, alleged member of Los Zetas cartel and charged with several grenade attacks.

"piracy czar", alleged member of Los Zetas cartel
“piracy czar”, alleged member of Los Zetas cartel

Villanueva was arrested by soldiers on 11 June in the city of Monterrey in the north, along with three other members of his gang, who were also presented to the press.

 According to the statement read in the act spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), Colonel Ricardo Trevilla, Villanueva was “one of the main operators” of Los Zetas, one of the organized crime groups in Mexico which is notoriously brutal with its victims.

According to the source, the detainee responsible for controlling production and distribution of pirated discs in the states of Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Nuevo Laredo on the border with the United States.

In his statements to the authorities Villanueva said that the profits obtained he personally handed them to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, “the Lazca”, considered the leader of Los Zetas.

 With the arrest of Villanueva, the statement indicated, “that this reduces the flow of resources for the criminal organization.” The drug cartels in Mexico have for years been extending its activities to commit crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and piracy.

Trevilla, reading the joint statement from the Department of Defense and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said Villanueva is allegedly responsible for an undetermined number of attacks on schools, businesses, media and military installations in the northern city of Matamoros, who allegedly committed these acts since 31 May. These actions, according to the same source, they sought to “create a climate of violence” in Matamoros and “affect the activities” of a rival organized crime group, the Gulf Cartel.

According to their statements to the authorities, Villanueva said that the bodies found on June 7 in the north of Tamaulipas, were alleged members of Los Zetas who were murdered by the Gulf Cartel “in retaliation for his involvement in attacks with grenades” so mentioned.

Arrested along with Villanueva were Rodolfo Cornejo Chan, Christian Gonzalez Miguel Navarrete Ruben Dario Martinez and Alvarado. During the arrest of the group, the military seized four rifles (including a submachine gun), a handgun, ammunition, six vehicles and about 291 thousand pesos in cash.

The detainees will be prosecuted for the crimes of organized crime, violation of the Firearms Act, illegal resource operations and infringement on copyright laws.

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