Twenty men Implicated in violation of under age girls in Liberty, Texas

19 Jun

English: Map of Liberty County, Texas highligh...

English: Map of Liberty County, Texas highlighting Liberty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man who is part of a group of twenty that allegedly repeatedly, sexually assaulted, an 11-year-old …

in a case that has shocked and divided a small Texas town, has pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Marcus Porchia was sentenced earlier this month to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of sexual assault of a minor as part of a plea agreement, according to court records. Porchia is the second to plead guilty among 14 adults charged in the case.

Porchia was facing a life sentence in prison. Porchia’s sentence will be in accordance with a period of 15 years behind bars he received in February for a conviction of sexual assault against another girl in a different case.

The man, 27 years age, has agreed to testify against other defendants, whose trials have not yet been scheduled. Prosecutors are not commenting on the case because of a gag order. Porchia’s attorney, Tyrone Moncriffe did not immediately return a phone call.

Another adult defendant, Isaiah Ross, 22, pleaded guilty in December. Prosecutors have recommended a period of 15 years in prison for Ross, who still awaits sentencing. Authorities say the girl was attacked at least five occasions between mid-September and early December 2010 in Cleveland, about 45 miles northeast of Houston.

The investigation began that December, after one of the friends of the girl told a teacher she had seen a lurid video of cell in which it appeared the girl being raped in an abandoned trailer. Six young men were also charged, and five of them have pleaded guilty.

The suspects include an age range from a high school student to 28 years old, and included two star athletes from the local and other adults with criminal records. Most of the accused men face charges of aggravated sexual assault of a minor, while four of them face charges of continuous sexual abuse of a minor.

The case began in Cleveland looks very bad terms, after about 9 thousand residents from the village suggest that the girl in partly to blame for what had happened, claiming she wore makeup and appeared to be older. Some of them even accused the girl’s parents who are immigrants from Mexico, for not having watched her more closely. But such suggestions were harshly criticized by many residents of Cleveland, along with community and religious groups in other locations.

Another thing also complicated the case was the belief of many residents that the neighborhood is predominantly inhabited by African Americans, where several of the suspects lived; the arrests were motivated by a racial issue. All suspects are black, while the girl is Hispanic.

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