Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló on Romantic Holiday

21 Jun
Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló on Romantic Holiday

The Argentine Bishop Fernando Maria Bargalló, photographed on a romantic vacation in Mexico with a woman, asked for forgiveness today, amid the investigation began and the Vatican.

The television cameras of Argentina showed the eve of former President of the humanitarian organization Caritas Argentina when kissing a woman in a pool of a luxury hotel in Cancun.

On Wednesday, the television channel America 24 sought the bishop, who first refused to comment on the fact, but then gave his version.

Bargalló said the images are from two years ago when he traveled to the Mexican Caribbean to participate in the meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Secretariat of Pastoral Social Caritas.

“The photos actually respond to a meeting in Mexico, where we agree with this friend of my childhood, she and her family maintain strong bonds of friendship,” said the prelate.

The priest lamented the situation in which it was wrapped and admitted that his attitude was not exempt from “a certain recklessness” because “may have given rise to misunderstandings.”

Although the images are explicit, with kisses and hugs, the bishop confirmed his loyalty to the vows of chastity and poverty, and said it is “committed to God and the Church” Catholic.

However, the apostolic nuncio, Emil Paul Tscherrig, as reported to the Vatican, which will assess the penalty to be applied to Bargalló.

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