CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico

27 Jun

Authorities in Venezuela today intercepted 20 tons of chemicals, liquid cocaine allegedly in a boat in Zulia state (northwest) bound for Mexico, the Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami. ”

CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico
CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico


We just intercepted a boat that was carrying four containers with a gross weight of 20 tons of chemicals, “the minister said in a speech broadcast on state television. The Assami explained that after a “first review and guidance tests “detected the presence of liquid cocaine in the four containers were destined for Mexico, specifically to the coastal city of Veracruz (center).

“We are currently developing, analyzing the percentage of purity that is in each of containers and the amount of liquid cocaine was intended to bring to Mexico, “he added. “is one of the largest seizure operations we have done in the history of Venezuela, a blow to drug trafficking,” he said.

The minister said in the operation developed by the National Guard (GNB-military police), three people were arrested, one Colombian national, and stressed that they are making “other raids.”

The GNB and other police during 2011 seized a total of 42.33 tons of various narcotics, of which 26.3 were cocaine, The Aissami revealed in March.

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