The verdict is in- Holder in contempt of Congress!

29 Jun

The vote was approved by an overwhelming majority of Republicans, a large number of Democrats left the full

Not so smug, Now!
Not so smug, Now

The House of Representatives of the United States today approved a landmark resolution to declare attorney general, Eric Holder, in contempt for his alleged failure to cooperate in the investigation of the operation “Fast and Furious“.

By a vote of 255 in favor and 17 Republicans -238 and 67 Democrats against, Holder became the first attorney in the history of the United States will face criminal prosecution for contempt for obstruction of justice.

At the start of voting of the resolution, a large number of Democrats, led by the fraction African-American, left the full House of Representatives in protest.

Republicans led by Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, argued that the vote was a tribute to the Border Patrol agent (PF) Brian Terry, and more than 200 Mexicans killed by weapons operating arms smuggling.

But Democrats argued that this is an election year strategy and a “witch hunt” against the first African American prosecutor in U.S. history.

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