Baja California 866.5 kilograms of marijuana discovered

03 Jul

A total of 866.5 kilograms a ton of marijuana was what the Navy of Mexico, assigned to Naval Region II, seized in the vicinity of Laguna Scammon Black Guerrero, Baja California Big Sur.

866.5 kilograms a ton of marijuana

866.5 kilograms a ton of marijuana discovered in Baja California

This confiscation was made between 25 and 30 June, when elements of Marines, moved into Turtle Bay, they located the drugs near Punta Eugenia packaged in the form of a block seal brown with tan tape. Once the package was in the hands of the authorities they found that the block contained a green grass with the characteristics of marijuana. Therefore, the Naval Command ordered the departure of a Patrol Interceptor, a helicopter take off and land tours infantry personnel Navy, who conducted a search operation to locate more packages.

The operation lasted for four days in various parts of the coast, finding a total of 107 packages of various sizes of suspected marijuana, which were transferred, on Saturday at the premises of the Second Naval Region.

Once counted and weighed the drug was made available to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry, integrating the preliminary AP/PGR/BC/ENS/765/12/III in City and Port of Ensenada. naval authorities reported the seizure occurred in the context of maritime surveillance operations, air and land that permanently takes the Navy of Mexico on both coasts of the country.

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