ACLU Sues trooper for killing Mexican Teen on the border

04 Jul

The American Civil Liberties Union claim that the agent has rejected impunity for federal official in charge of the border

ACLU Sues trooper for killing Mexican Teen on the border

ACLU Sues trooper for killing Mexican Teen on the border

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit in federal courts of the four states bordering Mexico, to demand a trial against a patrol that killed two years ago at a Mexican teenager.

The ACLU said Tuesday that the Border Patrol agent who killed from El Paso, Texas, the Mexican Sergio Hernandez, who was in Ciudad Juarez, must not go unpunished.

The group rejected the possibility of impunity for the staff member is responsible for federal, and questioned the denial of constitutional rights because the teenager was in Mexico.

“It would be a dark and dangerous precedent that a court determines that a federal agent can kill people with impunity, merely because (the victims) are across the border and are not U.S. citizens,” said the civil organization.

Sean Jordan, attorney for the ACLU in San Diego for border affairs, presented this day in a Texas court to ask for a motion to recognize the constitutional rights of young Mexican and that the trooper involved is presented in court.

“The family of Sergio (Hernandez) deserves to appear before a court and ask the government (U.S.) to take responsibility when its agents abuse their power and kill without justification,” Jordan said.

The organization expressed amazement that a court considers “the Border Patrol could deliberately kill Mexican or Canadian citizens on its territory and not face consequences.”

The ACLU recommended that the court set a limit to immunity with federal agents.

The lawsuit was filed well before the federal courts located in San Diego, California, and in other cities in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the four states bordering Mexico.

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