Anti-Narco operation in Costa Rica; arrest 5 Gulf Cartel Members

06 Jul

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A group of five Mexicans and four Costa Ricans was arrested in anti-narcotics intelligence operation which began two years ago with international participation, authorities reported today in Costa Rica.

Among those arrested was Juan Manuel El Guero Garcia, identified as head of the structure, an operational network not only in this country but in Central America, the sources said.

According to the Vice Presidency of the Security Affairs, Mauritius Boraschi, and Attorney General, Jorge Chavarria, the operation hit the Gulf Cartel and dismantled a support cell Rican.

The operation involved structures in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Guatemala, Panama and other Latin American countries, officials at a press conference at the headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

Garcia Hernandez, aka Guero, is related to Jorge Eduardo Costilla, known as El Coss , one of the members of the Gulf Cartel and one of the most-wanted drug trafficking, he added.

The arrests and seizures made today were made possible “thanks to the harmonious working of the intelligence units” of countries that joined in the operation, said Chavarria.

Boraschi explained that the shipments were directed mainly to Guatemala and then Mexico to be introduced to the United States.

“This criminal organization has operations in all Central American countries (…) is dedicated to the shipment of cocaine, mainly land,” he added.

The officials said that in addition to the nine arrests, the operation consisting of a dozen raids in two locations in the West Coast and in the capital produced seizures of 45 kilos of cocaine, $ 24,000 and a gun.

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