Sedena confiscates arsenal and drugs in Tamaulipas

06 Jul
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Operating in the Northeast results in more than two thousand 400 weapons, 38 kilos of marijuana and the arrest of 281 suspects

For the past four months, staff of the National Defense Secretariat won the assurance in Tamaulipas, with just over two thousand 400 weapons, seizure of 38 kilos of marijuana and the arrest of 281 suspects, Operating under the Northeast.

Using information provided by the military authorities, states that from 1 March to 4 July this year 250 thousand rifles were seized, 194 short, more than 308,000 business and 8000 cartridges 562 magazines for different calibers.

Also as part of the results is assured 211 grenades, 28 grenade launchers, three rockets, 63 tactical vests bulletproof plates 25 and 68 trimmings.

In the area of narcotics, military troops found and secured 38 tons of marijuana, 44 kilograms of powder cocaine.

In this period of 120 days were arrested and made available to the IA 281 suspected of committing federal crimes.

Among the actions taken by the Department of Defense included the assurance of 491 vehicles, 29 of them armored, five trucks, 20 trailers, tankers and five motorcycles.

In various surveillance and security seized over one million 450 thousand 798 pesos, 400 000 $ 536, 84 000 340 liters of petrol and 637 liters of diesel thousand.

The military announced that as part of the Northeast Operating in Tamaulipas, also said technological equipment used to commit crimes, among which he mentioned 110 repeaters, 103 radios, 66 telephone equipment, 113 mobile phones, 21 sources of power, also of 95 uniforms and 20 buildings.

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