In celebration of ‘Fritanga’ 7 Americans arrested 3 say they are police

09 Jul

Seven people, apparently of American citizenship and of which three police said they belong to that country, were in the wedding party drug trafficker Camilo Torres Martinez, alias “Fritanga” was arrested while celebrating on a Colombian island in the Caribbean.

Seven Americans celebrated Fritanga arrested including 3 that claimed to be police

Seven Americans celebrated Fritanga arrested including 3 that claimed to be police

This was revealed today in the Semana magazine on its website in which it shows in a video that at least one of them makes it clear to the Colombian authorities, “I’m a cop in America”.

According to the publication, the foreigners were identified as Jose Enrique Torres Vives, Luis Velazquez Junior Acosta, Eli Frabián Carrion Barreto, Jose Ivan Diaz and other people it is said that his name is Samuel, all of Puerto Rico.

Then there were John Rodriguez, New York, and Edwin Javier Marquez Market, Pennsylvania.

In the fvideo document it  several Americans can be seen on the stage occupied by the 11 bands liven up the party responsible, but are not seen dancing but give the feeling of being watched.

So far there has transcended what role these people played in the feast of 8 days at which the drug dealer invited about 150 people.

“Fritangarequest for extradition by the United States, contained in the “Clinton List” , which points to individuals and companies designated by issues of drug trafficking and prohibits transactions with U.S.

Authorities are investigating why Torres Martinez, 37, was arrested last Tuesday, and was listed as dead by the Registrar.

The drug dealer, officials said, paid about $ 1.4 million for the wedding reception held at an exclusive hotel on the island. This property is located on the island Múcura the Archipelago of San Bernardo, near the Natural Park Corales del Rosario, off the coast of Cartagena de Indias.

Mucura Island paradise for Drug Traffickers

Mucura Island paradise for Drug Traffickers

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