Group of ten persons arrested in San Antonio, Texas supplying weapons to Los Zetas

10 Jul

A group of ten of the accused were brought before a federal judge in San Antonio to be indicted

Federal agents in San Antonio arrested 20 suspects in a band dedicated to supplying assault rifles to Mexican cartel Los Zetas, informed the Attorney General for West Texas.

Favorite assault rifle AK47 of Mexican Cartels

Favorite assault rifle AK47 of Mexican Cartels

An indictment released Monday by the Federal Attorney‘s Office lists 20 people identified as responsible for retail purchase weapons in a band led by Jimmy H. Torres, 27 years old.

A group of ten accused of weapons trafficking were brought before a federal judge in San Antonio to be indicted and they all pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, according to the information.

The indictment on 33 counts, providing miss-information in filling out federal forms to buy guns, to guarantee that the same rifles they acquired for themselves, when in fact they bought for the Mexican cartel.

Authorities said the weapons purchased at various gun shops in San Antonio, were given to Torres, and designated as the leader of the band that provided automatic rifles to Los Zetas across the border from Eagle Pass, in southern Texas.

The indictment describes Torres as a suspect of serving as a “facilitator” for the cartel, whose members easily violate U.S. law prohibiting arms purchases by foreigners or persons accused of crimes of possession of weapons.

The authorities explained that facilitators are usually ordered to recruit retail buyers, who come to be generally Americans without criminal records, to enable them to buy weapons with ease.

The group of ten would have acquired at least 33 automatic rifles for the Los Zetas between December and January from the armories in San Antonio.

Some of the weapons were purchased on the same day; with Torres accompany buyers to the stores.

Torres paid each buyer paid $ 300 for each weapon purchased and asked that they buy mainly assault rifles like the AK-47.

Torres, who is in U.S. illegally after expiration of his border crossing card in 2010, is charged with acquiring weapons even if they can do as a foreigner and a history of domestic violence offenses.

According to information, among the 20 detainees mentioned in the indictment are: Eduardo Rodriguez, Joann Garcia, Eddie Ramos, Virginia Ricarte Jones, Paul Hernandez Ramos, Mary Helen Ramos, Jose “Joey” Ricarte, Ricarte and Genevieve Attorney David Cuellar.

They are also accused Ramon Ernesto Armijo, Mathew Arteaga, Destiny Delafuente, Robert Alcaraz, Lisa Fields, Alexis Marie Garcia, Christopher Garcia, Krystle Marie Garcia and Tommy Guerrero.

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