Obama buying the Presidential Election he can not win standing on his failed record!

11 Aug

The hollywood factor, raising money for Obama. Movie stars and Star athletes are doing everything to raise funds for this looser, who has failed the American People. Yet he is their hero! Probably not an American citizen, condones same sex marriage, has Muslim relations and has bankrupt the USA. Is this the man for the United States? Maybe he is the anti-christ and you know what that is, don’t you?

The Hollywood factor is helping to bring down the good old USA! America stand-up for the American values and not Obama’s!

The purpose of the former star of the ‘Bulls’ is to support the U.S. president in his reelection campaign

The NBA legend Michael Jordan, and a number of professional basketball stars this month to help U.S. President Barack Obama to raise money for his reelection campaign.

The Obama team is planning a fundraiser in New York on August 22 that include an informal round of shots and a dinner. The evening would have several NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and others of the New York Knicks Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics and John Wall of the Washington Wizards.

Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls Obama’s favorite team. The star and NBA commissioner David Stern is the co-hosts a fundraising dinner with Obama later on Tuesday at a cost of $ 20,000 per person.

The president is a faithful follower of basketball and plays regularly with friends and advisers. His campaign organized a fundraiser in February at home in Orlando NBA player Vince Carter who also participate in events in New York.

The campaign will also have an informal practice with players in the sports complex Chelsea Piers in New York among them Anthony Rondo, Paul Pierce Wall, Kyrie Irving and Joe Johnson and former NBA pivots Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning.

Obama’s team plans to raffle off among his base supporters the opportunity to attend events.

A similar event scheduled for December was postponed after the team owners and players reached a labor agreement after a lockout.

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