The Zetas Cartel is divided and disputed

13 Aug

San Luis Potosi will become one of the new epicenters of violence related to organized crime in the coming weeks, a violence that will also impact Zacatecas and Coahuila, especially in Torreon. Just yesterday, in San Luis Potosi, the mayor-elect of Matehuala, Edgar Morales Perez , along with his campaign manager Francisco Colunga were killed  .

Last week, on August 9, a vehicle was located with 14 bodies with signs of torture and gun shots. One person managed to escape the slaughter, after he was presumed dead by the attackers. That same person ended up in hospital and in contact with military personnel and provided details of what happened.

So it was learned that the cartel Los Zetas has been divided, is broken and has begun the internal battle for control of the organization: one of the fractions is controlled by the so-called Z 40, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, whose group suffered hard financial hits in recent weeks in the U.S. with the arrest of his brother.

The other group is headed by the so-called Z 50 , and nicknamed The Taliban , with a strong presence, especially in the state of Coahuila. Both groups are fighting, in addition to that entity, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi especially where they had a strong hegemony, it is weakened from the time they have started to fight each other.

The victims of this slaughter were members of the Z 50, most of Coahuila origin. Also in both groups would be killed in days delinquent in the state, when the army arrested the cell responsible for the facts, leaving four dead and three prisoners, among groups aggressors. Even the wave of violence that has erupted in Michoacan and Guanajuato could be related to this internal split in the cartel Los Zetas that has influence in both states.

English: This image is that of Lazacano leader...

In this sense, there is information on what, in this internal process, would be the position of Heriberto Lazcano , the Lazca, the other leader of the criminal organization, which until now had not suffered significant internal ruptures, despite their fierce struggle against Sinaloa cartel and its allies.

They have already been given and that it suggests that the authorities will be serious clashes, violent events in the coming days in San Luis Potosi and other entities in which the two contending groups are present. A violence that obviously does not derive from the presence of security forces in that state, as some have argued, but the struggle that those criminal groups, like others in various parts of the country, have with one another to try to establish control on different territories.

In the past, with a smaller amount of information was much more complex have closely monitor how they were unfolding criminal groups. Currently this monitoring can be performed with reasonable accuracy and speed, but the same can foresee many scenarios. Obviously, there will be in San Luis Potosi and in battleground states by these groups a new peak of violence: we’re talking about Los Zetas, the most violent organization operating in every country, if used brutal violence against their opponents, it will be, as already seen these days, much greater in its internal conflict.

According to federal safety areas will therefore a strong increase of forces in these regions, in order to inhibit and work against the predictable crime wave. There will be a sharp increase in reconnaissance and intelligence activities in the area. Priority will be joint actions and cooperation between the authorities of the three levels of government and demand an active participation of society to stop this predictable Potosi wave of violence by going to the citizen complaint even have been enabled for this purpose special issues in the area and the military region and various emails.

The internal rupture of Los Zetas is good news in the field of combating criminal groups. It is noteworthy that this split is taking place, particularly between cells and the most hard of that organization. But, knowing the web of interests that moves, is the first time so clearly the authorities may try to prevent future outbreaks of violence, same to be stopped, require a strong social partnership by the complaint, and a activity of the local forces that tend to be less enthusiastic to do so.

For now, the Zetas have been broken. And we have to see how they line up other criminal organizations around the rupture.

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