Arrested in Czech Republic Copycat of Norwegian Anders Breivik

19 Aug


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The police reported that the suspect had weapons and explosives that could have served for an attack

The Czech police said today they have arrested a fan of the far-right Norwegian Anders Breivik Behring with an arsenal of weapons and explosives that could have served for an attack.

The Czech police officials explained today at a press conference the detainee, 29 and the city of Ostrava, was gathering weapons and explosives with the aim of preparing possible attacks inspired by Breivik and who took the lives of 77 people.

“We intervened in a computer record, weapons, ammunition and explosives, “said Police Chief Ostrava, Radovan Vojta, as reflected Czech media.” The work involved explosive devices,” he said on the operation conducted last August 10 and which was operated also a remote device to pop it.

The capture and assault operation was developed by a group of elite Czech police for fear that the suspect had explosives being assembled on an upper floor with the door barred. Vojta explained that the detainee would probably be impersonating a police officer during the attack he planned because he had standard equipment body armor, but acknowledged they do not know what could be the target of attack.

Nickname alerted authorities the suspect had been arrested in the past for various offenses, including possession of weapons, and his communication over the Internet using the nickname Breivik, which alerted the investigators.

For now, police have not wanted to reveal more details of the operation. Some of the residents polled by the Czech media believe that the detainee was mentally unbalanced and not a right-wing militant.

In July last year Breivik carried out two attacks, which killed 77 people, eight when a bomb exploded in the government district of the capital and the remaining 69 in a shootout in the nearby island of Utøya, where he went disguised as policeman.

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