Georgiy Chipunov Russian terrorist Arrested in Tijuana

20 Aug

He threatened to blow up the facilities of the Court of San Diego, California, and to kill judges and officials

Georgiy Chipunov Russian terrorist Arrested in Tijuana

TIJUANA; A suspected Russian terrorist who threatened to blow up the premises of the Court of San Diego, California, and to kill judges and officials, was captured in this city by agents of the State Preventive Police.

The general coordinator of International Liaison dependence, Alfredo Arenas Moreno, said authorities in San Diego County warned that the alleged terrorist could be on Mexican soil, specifically in Baja California.

Upon this information the sheriff of San Diego, ordered the opening of the investigation to locate the alleged suspect, which led to his arrest in Cantil Street, San Antonio in the division of the Sea

The individual was identified as Georgiy Chipunov, 28, originally from Russia and naturalized U.S. citizen, Arenas Moreno explained.

The personal and physical characteristics of Chipunov were verified through the link of the Commissioner of San Diego, who confirmed that it is a dangerous terrorist wanted on charges of threats to the U.S. government and cyberterrorism.

Using a heavy security supported by the State Preventive Police, the alleged terrorist was arrested and turned over to federal authority, to be delivered to authorities of the neighboring country to the north.

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