Human Trafficking network discovered in Ensenada

25 Aug

A trafficking network was uncovered after the Ensenada Municipal Police presented a report indicating that they had located a group of people suspected Salsipuedes Field, located 30 kilometers north of the city of Ensenada .


Human Trafficking Network discovered in Ensenada

According to the official report, around 14:40 C-4 reported that in the tourist field called Salsipuedes to kilometer 97 +650 of the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road, the security guards had secured the site 15 people.

The agents of the Sauzal Police, observed a group of people, which was at the edge of the beach, they were guarded by security personnel at the tourist camp.

The officers met with security guards, who explained that they arrived just before a boat came in which was carrying 20 people, who were on the beach.

Then came a pick-up in blue and took five people, before the guards arrived at the edge of the beach to intervene.

Questioning the 15 insured, all nationals from inside the country, they confirmed that they were taken on board a boat from the night of August 22 were decomposed so were stranded at the height of the Island of All Saints .

They added that on Thursday August 23, came to them a boat to which came and took them to the edge of the tourist area in question, telling them to wait at the place and they were going to go for them, retiring the driver of the boat .

Almost simultaneously came a blue pick-up type vehicle, which took five people with the promise that the vehicle back for others and bring them food.

At that time the officers realized that a blue Nissan Pick-up model 2000, AN-39 414 plates, which was driven by one named Samuel Espericueta Najar, 46 years old.

When questioned he revealed he was coming from Tijuana to fish, and he questioned about the first five people who took them in the city of Tijuana for a thousand dollars was paid to deliver food to people and bring them of that place and the remaining 15 had paid between 3000-6000 dollars each to cross into the United States.

With this information the man was arrested and the 15 people rescued of which, five were women and 10 men who said to come from the states of Chihuahua, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Mexico State, Tlaxcala, among others.

Al Najar was questioned about the first five people whom he took to a village near the north, where he left to take public transportation to take them to the city of Tijuana.

The remaining 15 people were taken to the doctor on call for medical recovery and subsequently were presented before Judge Qualifier, which take turns to Samuel Najar determined the Federal Public Ministry for the crime of Human Trafficking, and the 15 people as filed with the same authority.

The vehicle was towed to a storage yard and made available to the same authority.

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