TIJUANA, Suspected links uncovered between customs administrator and El Chapo

25 Aug

Repeatedly, the Sinaloa cartel transported large amounts of U.S. dollars to Mexico without being detected by Customs in Tijuana that alerted federal authorities

The King of Drug Trafficking and his Money

The recent seizure of more than a million dollars of property trafficker, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, casts suspicion on the administrator of the office of Tijuana, Luis Torres Torres, who said at the time that crossings smuggling were inhibited.

The money, from Los Angeles and its destination was the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, where they would “wash it”, was carried in two plastic boxes, containing thousands of notes of 20, 10 and five dollar bills, there were at least an estimated fifty crossings by this gang of organized crime associates with half a million dollars without having been arrested or suspected.

Specifically, according to the part of the State Preventive Police, inside the vehicle they “found two plastic boxes hidden, with 40,400 $ 20 bills, while the other was found in 11400 packets 6000 $ 10 and $ 5 bills, giving a total sum of $952,000.”

Elias Lopez Lopez, alias “El Pantera” and who confessed to being at the service of the Sinaloa cartel who commands Joaquin Guzman Loera, revealed to have “washed” by this criminal organization, more than $ 24 million previously, all of which had to be passed through customs in Tijuana.

The suspect, who was driving a pickup truck where they were seized banknotes totaling almost a million dollars, is originally from Los Angeles and according to the Ministry of Public Security of Baja California, was responsible for introducing almost weekly $ 500,000 to country.

The criminal confessed that “washed” approximately $ 24 million,-crossing around 50 times in nearly a year of operations, but it had stopped only once in Tijuana Customs and mocking Random Vehicle System ( Siave), and which is designed to report the excessive weight of the vehicles, the crossover frequency, plates and other data.

The same Secretary of Public Security of Baja California, stated in a press release issued after the capture of “El Pantera” which contacts arranged to send the money from Los Angeles to the border, where it crossed through customs in Tijuana, unit in charge Luis Torres Torres.

Precisely in June 2011, when Elias Lopez Lopez crossed with his first large amount of dollars from drug trafficking, the agency administrator said that while there were crossings of weapons and other goods, was referred as “ant smuggling” as huge quantities of illegal goods, would be easily detectable.

The Administrator of the Customs even defended the Random Vehicle System, which allows more control over merchandise entering the country illegally.

“The main thing is covering-up merchandise they want to smuggle into the country: electronics, food, shoes, everything. I understand that the economic situation is difficult and people looking for ways to have an added benefit, unfortunately we have to do our part and we are making seizures of 3.5 to 4 million in the month of goods seeking entry illegally into Mexico. On average between 20 and 22 cars a month, “explained Torres Torres.

But among those 20 to 22 cars a month, not the A8 pickup truck, model 2002, or any other car that Elias Lopez has used to cross the various amounts of money through Tijuana Customs, which cast doubt on how clean management Luis Torres in front of the Customs, who believes that “the Siave is starting to inhibit people”.

Torres Torres’s ancestors have not come clean on its way through customs Tijuana. For example, Antonio Martínez Luna, was indicted by a carrier-entrepreneur dedicated to organizing tours-of having robbed two passenger buses.

And another is his predecessor, Jose Guzman Montalvo, who was investigated for alleged involvement in smuggling activities. While the federal government continues to investigate the case of “El Pantera”.


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