Bolivian police confiscated two tons of uranium

29 Aug

They arrested four people when moved without security measures uranium from one vehicle to another

Bolivian police confiscated two tons of uranium

Bolivian police seized in a raid, two tons of uranium stored in the garage of a building in the center of La Paz, near the embassies of the United States, Spain and other legations.

Officers from a group of elite police arrested four people, all Bolivians, when moved without security measures uranium from one vehicle to another in jute and nylon, the Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, Jorge Perez.

He said that “Bolivia did not produced uranium”, so presumably the burden “would be in transit” to a European country, supposedly from Brazil or Chile.

He said it was a striking find a “similar amount” of uranium in the garage of the building in Illimani, located in central Maple Avenue, by the radiation hazards involved in its handling.

The authorities, officials and journalists were for several minutes at the door of the garage where the police operation was done, until experts advised them to stay 50 meters away from the site for security reasons.

The commander of the group that did the operation, Colonel Eddy Torres, said the operation was the result of an investigation that lasted one and a half because they had information that today could be a sale of uranium.

One of the detainees is an engineer surnamed Espinoza, who, according to Perez, claimed that he was only guarding the depository of uranium had left long ago but gave no details of who the owner of the cargo.


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