Call it what you May this is Terrorism in Trenton NJ

01 Sep

TRENTON, NJ, At least three people were killed Friday in a shooting at a supermarket in New Jersey, said an agent.

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The police said the person who apparently was the attacker is among the dead. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the shooting occurred in a different jurisdiction.

According to the agent the shooting occurred early Friday in the Pathmark supermarket in Old Bridge a suburb located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from New York. The establishment was closed when the incident occurred.

The shots were heard inside the supermarket, just before 0400, Eastern Time U.S., while employees were preparing to open the store, said a local affiliate of ABC.

Police found two broken windows, he said.

The neighbor rail service New Jersey Transit was closed as its parking lot.

The incident comes two weeks after a series of mass shootings shocked the country. In July, a man opened fire in a theater full of Colorado and earlier this month a white supremacist attacked a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

Another discontented employee!

An employee of a supermarket in New Jersey today with a shotgun killed two classmates before killing himself, reports the newspaper “Star-Ledger“.

The man, apparently unhappy with his work at the Pathmark supermarket in the town of Old Bridge, came to the store armed and fired the two employees, the mayor of the city daily.

The store was scheduled to open about an hour and a half after the murders. At the time of the shooting about 12 people were in the building.

The reasons for the attack are unknown at this time! Old Bridge is 65 miles south of New York.

Last week, a 53 year old man who had lost his job shot his former teammates outside the Empire State of New York and was later shot by police.

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