German company Insurer Ergo scandal, with prostitutes

01 Sep

German company scandal, the rewarded with prostitutes

Prostitution for doing a good Job by German Company was the reward!

German Insurer Ergo paid in June 2007 for a party with at least 20 prostitutes on a trip to Budapest.

FRANKFURT, German insurer Ergo, a subsidiary of Munich Re, organized trips for years with prostitutes for its top employees, as confirmed by the company on a daily information Handelsblatt .

The scandal broke in 2010, when it was learned that Ergo, former Hamburg-Mannheimer, paid for a party with at least 20 prostitutes in a trip to Budapest for top officers of that company in June 2007.

However, the signing parties organized much longer. In September 2005 the best insurance agents traveled to Mallorca trip organized by sales management, with the participation of 21 persons and whose costs totaled EUR 55,992.

On this trip to Mallorca, the sales director Kai Lange took his best agents to a club who were scantily clad girls in the bar, according to a participant, and that cost two thousand 428 euros for “diets and beverages “.

A spokesman for Ergo also admitted that insurance agents subsidiary of Hamburg-Mannheimer visited a swingers club in Jamaica between January and February 2011, stay paid by the insurer.

The German newspaper also cites an Ergo review report of 24 June 2011 which reflects the cost of a single trip in 2010, to a destination that was not specified, amounted to more than 75,000 euros.

Another of the trips organized by Ergo was destined Rio de Janeiro in 2010. Then between 14 and 20 commercial agents went to Barbarella, a dance club in Copacabana.

At least three employees, including managers, brought prostitutes into the room and fourth reached the hotel entrance with a companion by the arm, but she demanded 50 euros and goalkeeper an additional fee of 100 euros.

“This practice was not liked by the Swabian (name of the people of Württemberg in Germany is accused of being stingy) and returned to the Brazilian, ” Handelsblatt.

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