Charlotte walking restrictions during Democratic Convention; oppression

02 Sep

They may be arrested and detained who walk the business district with water bottles, scarves and many other items

CHARLOTTE, from Saturday (today) to walk through the shopping district of Charlotte could violate the law if they carry water bottles, hair spray, socks or ink markers, according to the safety standards adopted for the Democratic National Convention.

You will need a reading of the rules to the letter for someone to be arrested simply for having one of these objects, although the possibility exists that worries protesters and defenders of freedom of expression. They fear that the authorities trample the constitutional rights of citizens in the name of protecting public safety.

City ordinances adopted earlier this year for “extraordinary events” prohibits a long list of behaviors and goods that would otherwise be legal in an area of ​​100 blocks. That area includes places located more than 1.5 miles from the stadium that will be the Democratic National Convention.

The new rules have been used since before the convention and shall survive the conclusion of the event.

The special rules that went into effect at midnight Saturday could prohibit everyone except government employees, wearing scarves, bike helmets, carry bags or baskets or have soda cans, beverage coolers, strollers or pets not specifically permitted in the ordinances, as dogs that assist the blind.

A rule prohibiting “a container or object of sufficient weight to be used as missiles” could include almost all objects from one block to an iPhone.

Violators of the ordinances could be arrested and imprisoned.

Similar rules have prevailed in past conventions, especially those that followed the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

At the Republican Convention held earlier this week in Tampa, and despite the rain, the authorities banned the umbrella baseballs and material to make puppets. However, the rules were largely ignored at the minimal presence of the public by the arrival of Hurricane Isaac.

The shopping district in downtown Charlotte contains the headquarters of Bank of America and major operations of the bank Wells Fargo, two of the largest in the country.

The march against Wall Street set for Sunday is sure to attract thousands of people.

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