Australia and New Zealand have the highest marijuana and amphetamine use in the world

10 Sep

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They propose legalizing marijuana and ecstasy in Australia

A report says that the prohibition does not work and it takes other approaches, such as government control of consumption

SYDNEY, The latest survey conducted of illegal drugs across Australia was released today suggests that the Government of the nation to legalize marijuana and ecstasy to control its’ rising drug problem in the country.

Professor Bob Douglas, author of the 54 page report, said it has become clear that drug prohibition does not work and it requires other approaches, such as the legalization and government control of consumption, according to an ABC Radio expert. He added that “the report makes clear that the Australian police, despite performing a good job, has failed to have a serious impact “on traffic and drug use.

Statistics from the Police in operations against drug traffickers in the country during the fiscal year July 2011-June 2012 reveals that drug seizures increased by 164 percent and chemicals to produce narcotics rose 263 percent.

The statistics show an increase in drug trafficking in Australia and that cocaine and amphetamines have overtaken heroin and preferences cannabis.

One of the proposals of the report is that the government controls the sale of cannabis and ecstasy, which is offered only to citizens over 16 and accompanied by counseling and treatment programs.

Professor Douglas noted that similar projects have been adopted in Europe with good results, and said that Australia needs to have a serious debate on this issue.

 “People who have taken tough positions on drugs have gained political benefits, but there are many politicians in Australia who recognize that this position should change “said Douglas.

Around 200 thousand people out of a population of 22.3 million marijuana smokers in Australia.

Australia and New Zealand are the nations with the highest rate of marijuana and amphetamine use in the world, according to a study published in the journal medical Lancet .

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