CUERNAVACA, in less than 12 hours there was a total of 10 murders,

12 Sep

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CUERNAVACA, Following the upsurge in violence in the state in less than 12 hours were a total of 10 murders, which is presumed involvement of criminal organizations, which bars attacked, kidnapped people and raided homes.

All killings occurred in the town of Cuernavaca, where the most important deployment called Operation Morelos, which operates since last May in the state, with no managed abate crime rates.

In the first case, two people were killed after being kidnapped in his own home, located in Colonia Rancho Tetela, to demand payment of 2 million, proceeds from the sale of the property in which they were killed.

Meanwhile, in the Lomas de Cortés a man was shot outside a grocery store, while another person was executed inside his room, located in the Colonia Ocotepec Wonders.

Near midnight, a command entered the bar “The Office 2″, located in the suburbs of Acapatzingo, the gunmen opened fire on the patrons, killing two people whose bodies were in the parking lot.

Around 4 am, simultaneously, it was reported a man running in the street Juan N. Alvarez Employee of the Colony, while outside a dance in the village of Ahuatepec two men were killed.

Immediately after, Colonia Villa de Santiago, a young man appeared on the street side of Poppies and next to his body there were more than 19 shell casings from a firearm.

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