Chapo Guzman’s rival “El Molca” The Resistance leader Captured,

13 Sep

At his presentation to the media, Wells Ramiro Gonzalez, alias “El Molca” smile and thumbs up

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MEXICO CITY, Elements of the Federal Police detained in the town of Metepec, State of Mexico, Wells Ramiro Gonzalez, alias “El Molca”, founder and leader of the criminal organization known as The Resistance, who for presentation to the media smiled and raised both thumbs, plus whisper slogans against the federal government.

From the armored unit in which he was transported, “The Molca” looked to representatives of the media and in a challenging position, looked up and started smiling with his thumbs as a sign of peace.

That, according to federal police commanders was a strategy that the criminal group is not fragmented, the fact that Wells Gonzalez has repeatedly smiled at the media is a direct message to the criminal organization that fights the New Generation Jalisco Cartel, to not weaken.

According to the intelligence unit of ​​the Federal Police, Ramiro Gonzalez Pozos also used aliases and Jose Antonio Regil Pechs Zaragoza Angel Morales for whom the federal government offered up to a million pesos for information leading to his capture.

He also has two arrest warrants related to organized crime in the State of Mexico and Jalisco.

Intelligence reports indicate that Wells Gonzalez began his criminal activities as a member of the defunct Millennium cartel, the organization that ran the Valencia brothers, who kept becoming compadres extrecha relationship Oscar Nava Orlando Valencia, alias “El Lobo“, who gave him a AK-47 rifle known as goat horn, gold plated gold and white.

In the 90s, “The Molca” Nazario Moreno Gonzalez met alias “El Chayo” and Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias “El Chango” Mendez, La Familia Michoacana leaders since at that time all these groups began their illegal activities .

Furthermore, according to the head of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Federal Police, Ramon Eduardo Small Garcia, head of the criminal organization Resistance became acquainted with the criminal dome operating at the time the Gulf cartel with Osiel Cardenas Guillen and others drugdealers as Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno, alias “El Azul”, who avoided being kidnapped and killed in 2002, also met Arturo Beltran Leyva and Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, aka “Nacho” Coronel who had sent him to kill.

According to investigations, the Wells brothers Ramiro Gonzalez Ayala identified as Gaston Beltran Beltran and Antonio Martín López served as bodyguards of Benjamin and Ramon Arellano Felix and participated in the year 1993 the facts that he killed Cardinal Posadas Ocampo clarifying that the purpose of the cartel of the Arellano Felix was deprived of his life by Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias “El Chapo” Guzman, the two suspects are already in prison.

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