Forbes says; “only evaluate their fortunes and let justice take care of the rest”

20 Sep

El Chapo continue in Forbes, defended the magazine editor

Ensures that the characters that includes “only evaluate their fortunes and let justice take care of the rest”

One of the richest men in the world!

MORELIA, Forbes magazine will continue to include in its list of billionaires drug trafficker Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, because “only evaluate their fortunes and let justice take care of the rest,” explained the director of the publishing world Miguel Forbes.

During the presentation of the magazine Forbes Mexico, the executive argued that the inclusion of drug traffickers in the billionaires list is not new, for in 1998 the Colombian Pablo Escobar Gaviria was also considered in their rankings.

Asked whether the magazine will include more drug dealers on their list, Forbes said they are constantly being reviewed to assess the inclusion of new members.

“We do this not only with drug traffickers, but with all the characters that we measured,” he said.

He reported on the methodology used to estimate the richness of the characters, and stated that they do based on public information and experience they gained from their own sources.

Forbes Mexico

With an investment of $ 4 million, the magazine in Mexico announced the launch of its third edition in Latin America, which goes into circulation from 15 November.

The Mexican edition of global publication specializing in business and finance will have an initial distribution of 45,000 copies nationwide and its contents will be composed by 70 percent with national data and the rest for international items.

Miguel Forbes Mexico stressed that the issue is part of the solid expansion strategy in Latin America group, and came after a circulation editions of Argentina and Brazil.

For Mariano Melendez, president of Forbes Mexico, this release is a vote of confidence in the Mexican economy; hoped that this magazine is the resource for decision-makers in the country.

He noted that part of the editorial board president of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), Luis Tellez, and Fernando Lerdo de Tejada, among others.

Forbes has over 40 million readers in 10 languages ​​and more than one hundred countries and is expected to go into service soon editions of Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

The magazine, based in New York, was founded nearly a century and is known for its popular lists of the richest men in the world, currently headed by Carlos Slim, with a fortune worth 69 billion dollars , followed by the Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

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