Texas Authorities accuse Mexican group for money laundering

22 Sep

Four people associated with the organization have been arrested and six others remain at large


A group of at least six Mexicans and three Americans accused by Texas authorities for two years offered a “service” comprehensive money laundering scheme, bank transfers, to clients living in Mexico.

According to authorities, the Mexicans are alleged to have operated in Houston, Texas, a “company” dedicated to illegal money laundering for customers who need to get in Mexico, Mexican pesos, large amounts of cash they received in this country.

According to the indictment of a grand jury before the Federal District Court in Houston Southeast Texas, partially declassified on Thursday, the “company” offered between October 2009 and September 2011, a full service and transfer of money laundering for their “clients” through a pattern of “outsourcing”.

According to preliminary investigations, the group would have sent the U.S. to Mexico about 27 million.

The documents submitted to the court detailing the “company” was in charge of collecting the dollars in cash, anywhere in the United States designated by the customer, for which he used his own vehicles and drivers, even a small plane.

The indictment said the money was then transferred to his office and operations center in Houston, which was deposited in various bank accounts owned by shell companies, to transfer to banks or exchange houses in Mexico.

Once there, members of the “company” in Mexico, negotiated with financial institutions a preferential exchange rate from dollars to pesos.

Money converted to Mexican pesos and was then handed over to the persons indicated by its customers, to a favorable exchange rate for the organization.

The “company” charged a fee for their service and received an extra income by favorable conversions from dollars to pesos.

Four people associated with the organization have been arrested and six others remain at large, and is believed to be hiding in Mexico.

Among those arrested was Mexican Enrique Morales, who is identified in the indictment as co-owner of the “company” and coordinator of the same operations in the United States.

Morales was arrested in Laredo, Texas, last August shortly before three U.S. members or employees of the “company” were arrested in Houston and Dallas. They were identified as Anthony Foster, Willie Whitehurst and Sarah Combs.

Foster, a former police officer fired for corruption of Houston in 2009, and his nephew Whitehurst operated as drivers by making transfers of cash to Houston. Both were arrested carrying amounts in excess of $ 200,000.

Combs served as the office manager in Houston and is accused of transmitting the orders of their leaders to other employees.

The names of the other five Mexicans listed in the indictment were not disclosed in the declassified documents.

However, it was stated that one of them managed the organization’s operations in Mexico and the rest would be in charge of recruiting customers to sell their services.

The others listed are arrested and charged with money laundering, conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the United States. None of them is accused of drug trafficking.

Similarly, the accusation made without identifying the organization’s clients and declined to say whether they were members of a drug cartel in Mexico.

The only complaint is presumed that the dollar amounts of cash were obtained by customers of the organization by “illegal activities”.

In the documents filed in federal court, prosecutors in the division of Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Justice Department, asking that the defendants be forced to pay the government 27 million $ 492,000, the amount that would have been handled during operation of the company.

They also requested the government to take possession of $ 350,000 in Texas found inside a car of the organization and another 220 000 $ 980, located in another vehicle in North Carolina.

Prosecutors also asked for the seizure of a Piper “Turbo Lance II” automobile used for moving and transported the cash.

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