Obama; declares he is muslim the face of Evil!

23 Sep
Official photographic portrait of US President...

President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; The Face of Evil!

The Face of Evil, is he your choice to lead our nation? No! He is the key to the USA’s collapse over the next 4 years!!

Is he going to be your next President? If so then you are also of the Muslim faith, and you will have turned against GodJehovah” and Jesus Christ!

You will become responsible for the Destruction of the United States of America for your support and belief in his Capability to lead our country in Freedom! He has already contributed to the Bankruptcy of the country, and his undeniable support against the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Free Americans! You Choose your own damnation!

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One response to “Obama; declares he is muslim the face of Evil!

  1. StJames

    09/24/2012 at 6:09 AM

    Depends if you see the glass half empty or half full. You may be right it does not matter that Satan son is ruling the once greatest nation in Americas and that he made us promises and flat out lied about everything that he knew he could never keep. All because his puppet masters who hold his strings had other plans for us the once Greatest Christian nation ever created to totally DESTROY FROM WITHIN. 16 Trillion in debt…They did it. $2.00 more per gallon in gas for past four years.
    The real point are that we are in the age that will see the destruction of away of life, and a change like no other. The signs are showing like at no other time in our past or history. Christians in the millions are the watchmen and are trying to warn trillions to whom are not to… REPENT… CONFESS YOUR SINS TO GOD AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS IN JESUS NAME, THE SON OF GOD. It only matters if you take the mark of the beast or STAND for GOD, Jesus and The Holy Ghost. Any Religion that teaches murdering non-believer is just wrong to me…911 was a slap in the face and just one more action to show how non-Christians look at us and the death of Christopher Stevens was very wrong. GOD IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!


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