French authorities discover Islamist Terroist Cell operating in France

07 Oct

PARIS, The French authorities today launched a major operation against Islamist terrorism that left one dead and 11 arrested and linked to an attack on a Jewish trade made ​​last September.

Islamist Terror in Paris

The operation, has been in operation ” for weeks “, said Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, seven months after the young Islamist Mohamed Merah rocked the country with the murder of seven people, he confessed before being killed in a police operation .

At that time one of the objectives of Merah was a Jewish school in Toulouse (south), which killed three children and one adult. In today’s operation investigators seized computer equipment analyzed to try to discover the objectives of this Islamist network that the public prosecutor of Paris, François Molins, described as “almost a cell”.

In addition, Molins said detainees found a list of “Jewish associations in the Paris region”, but gave no details on what and what intention had detained in connection with them. He added that among the materials seized during the operations were “four wills.”

The Attorney identified the dead boy in the operation, in a speech in Strasbourg (east), as Jérémy Sydney, 33, born in France, to which the Central Bureau of Investigation Interior (DCRI, the secret services) said they already knew.

Molins said the detainees are all young people born in France and of French nationality to those linked with and common criminals who converted to “radical Islam”, he said the open investigation must determine “what were the goals coming from that cell.”

After hearing the prosecutor, who saw ten arrests, it was learned that of another person in Cannes (southeast), who is held on similar conditions to the rest of arrest. Meanwhile, the prosecutor in Strasbourg, Patrick Poirret, said Sidney seemed “very determined, and would probably end up as a martyr”, in describing how the intervention took place in his home, around 0600 local time (0400 GMT).

Poirret said the teen “had shaved his beard and went to Strasbourg” which, in his opinion, was a sign that he would “take action”. Molins reported that Sidney was known by the secret services, but they never had questioned him, saying that he “might have wanted to join the field of jihad”.

The prosecutor added that traces were found in the remains of the grenade that had been thrown against Sarcelles Jewish trade said, the Paris prosecutor in charge of the operation of the Anti-Terrorist Branch Judicial Police (SDAT) and the Central Bureau of Investigation Interior and other officials of Versailles, Strasbourg and Marseille and probably “one or two individuals” who have not been arrested.

Before the appearance of Molins, the French prime minister said the operation unfolded “is major “and began organizing” several weeks ago”.

“It is a major operation, major (…) that aims to dismantle terrorist networks,” said Ayrault from Lille (north). President of the Republic, François Hollande, meanwhile confirmed the scope of the operation and in a statement that there were seven detainees total, a figure that increased to ten after the Paris prosecutor.

Elysee Palace, seat of the head of state, reported that President Hollande received Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, as part of that operation and declared the “sole determination” State “protect the French against all forms of terrorist threats.”

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