alleged killer of activist Marisela Escobedo arrested in Chihuahua

08 Oct

Jose Enrique Zavala Jimenez, alias “the Wicked” was captured in an operation by the Federal Police in coordination with the Attorney General of the State

alleged killer of activist Marisela Escobedo arrested

Chihuahua Gov. Cesar Duarte Jaquez, announced the arrest of Jose Enrique Zavala Jimenez, alias “The Wicked”, who in 2010 had killed the social activist Marisela Escobedo.

Interviewed against the media, Zavala Jimenez said: “I knew everything about his life, lasted all day looking at the coming and going at the place where he was, when I saw the opportunity to murder her, she would go to the Palace Government but fell, and I ran into a car. “

The detainee said to belong to the gang of “Los Aztecas”, addicts who have been recruited as murderers by the Juarez Cartel.

In presenting the detainee, along with other accomplices, the president said Chihuahua started the investigation nearly two years ago for this crime that outraged society and public opinion in the country, “concluded the research process with the arrest of those responsible for killing . Today, he said, the constant media recorded on security is not so much nor murders or kidnappings, but the overall arrests of suspects, which have been successively to the authority and have been venting these processes. “

The Attorney General Carlos Manuel Salas said “Enrique Jimenez Zavala, 29, Marisela Escobedo murdered by an agreement between the criminal organization of the line with the Zetas, since he killed Ruby, Sergio Barraza, walked Zacatecas and was with the Zetas.”

Along with the alleged murderer of the activist, was detained others more, which would be involved in a multihomicidio of 15 people in the bar “El Colorado” in the state capital, identified as Luis Alberto Camacho Ramos aka “The Toker “. Luis Carlos Gonzalez Lopez, aka “CEPI” 37, and Enrique Castro Castro, alias “Kike” 33.

According to the research of staff, expert evidence and the statements of Jose Enrique Jimenez Zavala to the Attorney General, the circumstances were evident and the reason for the murder of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz. Zavala Jimenez, who declared to belong to the group of Aztecs since 2003, when he was in prison in the United States, and upon release was responsible for capital Chihuahua square, distributing heroin and execution-style killing people.

Zavala Jimenez said the order to kill Marisela Escobedo received it directly from Jesus Antonio Rincón Chavero, alias “El Tarzan”, third in the command structure of the line organization.

The Wicked said Marisela about what “when privé of life, she was a mere front of the Government Palace, next to the Suburban in its manifestation, had a table and plastic chairs, a few banners hanging from the demonstration it, a cross with ribbons, I got the car back on the side of the Suburban, walked to Marisela, he pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger jammed me, she bowed her head, grabbed her brother chair and threw me, I hit the chair to hit in the arm but I took it off, in that I loaded again; Marisela ran toward the palace, the brother is on the opposite side of the Suburban, but when he realized that I was bringing a weapon in hand pulled back, then I reached to Marisela pointed above the neck and give it one shot and falls on the sidewalk beside the Palace “.

It should be mentioned that about a year ago, this office located and secured the weapon that had shot Marisela Escobedo, same as according to ballistic tests was used in five other killings in August 2011.

THE MURDER of Marisela Escobedo

Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, was shot dead in the head on December 16, 2010, in the midst of an unusual protest activism that led to the doors of the Government Palace of Chihuahua, after the justice system freed the alleged killer her daughter Ruby.

Given what we reported a series of corruption, slowness and lack of Chihuahua justice system, women took to the streets to demand justice for the murder of his daughter, which led to the arrest of the alleged murderer, which was released by the judges, derived from a poor ministerial process.

She decided to take to the streets to denounce it, and after receiving several death threats for his activism, was eventually murdered right in front of the offices of the governor of Chihuahua.

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