Municipal Police Chief in Acuña, Rodolfo Castillo Montes, accused of Murder

09 Oct

The Attorney General of the State of Coahuila reported that police chief was lured to José Eduardo Moreira to where he was killed


Landeros Victor Sifuentes, aka the Iguana

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 8. – The deputy director of the Municipal Police operating in Acuña, Rodolfo Castillo Montes, was identified and accused by the Attorney General of Coahuila, as author of the murder of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, who was executed last October 3.

According to preliminary criminal inquiry A-5/1009/2012 of the state agency quoted, the police chief tricked the victim in the first place where criminals deprived him of his freedom and later ended his life.

Others involved in the kidnapping/Murder are Carrizales Victor Prieto and José Trinidad Landeros Sifuentes, Municipal Police officers Acuña.

The three soldiers are as entrenched under the aggravated murder with premeditation and treachery advantage.

State officials also seek Landeros Victor Sifuentes, aka the “Iguana”, supervisor at the Municipal Police border town.

The authorities involved in solving the case, references have three male persons are presumed perpetrators of the murder of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, indicates the State Attorney.

Of the three people have their sketches and meet the alias of “The Chagui”, “skinny” and “bald”.

The state agency is continuing the investigation of the existence of blankets messages alluding to criminal groups on the spot where he was gunned eldest son of former governor of Coahuila.

So far there is no evidence of any thereof.

The Office of Coahuila collaborative drawing office to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) participated in the ministerial declaration of Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, aka “The Squirrel”, alleged leader of the plaza east of the Zetas criminal organization.

The collaboration focuses on two events the mass escape from the prison of Piedras Negras, on September 17 and the killing of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez.

L The state agency highlights federal agency collaboration with the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), the Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Public Security Secretariat.

For any information about this case, the public has available phone 01 800 841 4110

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