Nine questions conerning the death of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano

11 Oct

MEXICO CITY, The issue of the death of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, whose body disappeared from the hands of justice, we add one detail: there were three offenders to troops who fought in Progreso, Coahuila, two shot ended the Lazca and Mario Alberto Rodriguez, and another fled.

Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano

The first major blow to drug trafficking in six-years, comes amid a series of inconsistencies which end is which, simply, the body bonnet vanished.

A criminal escaped the recent clash with soldiers, where they were killed Heriberto Lazcano, El Lazca , head of Los Zetas cartel, and his bodyguard, said spokesman of the Mexican Navy, Vice Admiral Jose Luis Vergara.

In radio and television interviews, Vergara said that other guy out of the car they were traveling drug dealers and escaped during the shootout.

First question: Who is he, and where is he after fleeing the scene, he just vanished?

The hypothesis

According to the data they have provided to the authorities, the story of this capture could be summarized as:

Someone put it. While Los Zetas were divided into two fractions, the other is led by Miguel Angel Trevino, the Z-40, Heriberto Lazcano was the figurehead of the criminal group. But betrayed him: that day, Sunday baseball, sailors patrol investigating a citizen complaint , when it was received dead by criminals.

Marines responded immediately attacked with grenades from a moving vehicle. Balance: an officer with injuries not life-threatening, and killed two criminals.

“When we arrived, the staff that was in two vans, does attempt to flee, and in a white van, begins to open fire on the Marines personnel of our institution,” said Vergara.

Two criminals killed. In the van brought two rifles, grenade launcher tube with 12 grenades helpful, a rocket launcher with two missiles, chargers and cartridges for various firearms.

Despite the sophisticated weaponry, no one asked the

Question two. Who was he?, Or all offenders who face, repel with such sophisticated weaponry?

The gloom of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano “was fortuitous” because sailors did not have the information or evidence that they were the leader of “Los Zetas” acknowledged José Luis Vergara.

The next step would be the removal of records by the Public Ministry and the expert: fingerprinting and photographic records.

So this pair once killed, their bodies were sent to Sabinas, Coahuila, where the Funeral Garcia, a place authorized for autopsies in the region.

Question Three: What I had to do Lazca body there, if it was handed over to his family, where are they?

Meanwhile, much slower than the transfer of the dead was processing the paperwork. Between the time of collating the data collected and to know that it was the major drug lord, a command took the opportunity to steal the bodies of the funeral home, taking a carriage driving, the owner of the place himself.

“Subsequently an armed Los Zetas arrived at local, without greater protection due to still unknown who the deceased, and took the bodies,” said Vergara.

Question Four: Why the funeral home owner reported the theft of bodies and kidnapping seven hours later, the bodies are left unguarded shot?

When authorities were strong indications that this was the Lazca , all tangible with what was told nothing: some photographs and their “fingerprints”.

“What catches the red flags that he was a drug dealer is high theft by an armed body,” Vergara said.

Question Five: checked against what, where are the records fingerprints?

Lazcano’s ears

Affirms the Navy of Mexico that his identification was made later, when confronted in the footsteps of the thumb, index and middle finger of the right hand, taken from the corpse.

On the controversial theft of bodies, Jose Luis Vergara, a spokesman for the Navy said was taken to a private funeral for the initial forensic investigations, so it is ignored then the identity of the capo.

“We were operating in the area, had captured the day before ‘The Squirrel’, we knew who was in that area” The Lazca “, but did not know it was there, that’s true. When they fall, we do not have any information that could not say that it was him, so we follow a standard procedure as when it happens in other places, that is delivered to the ministerial authorities, “the spokesman said.

“We deliver the bodies to authority, we had no indication that it was someone that was level. Somehow was fortuitous, I must say things as they happened, “he said.

All we have are pictures. To make matters worse, the media and society make their own comparisons, and level up controversy. Some people do not believe that it is the same character. In a photograph of the body including ears missing. arises from social networks

Question Six : Where are the ears of the Lazca ? Bonnet Measures Another difference. Heriberto Lazcano’s height reported by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, and appropriated by the Navy, not the same. It is because the gunman may have grown almost eight inches still, after 17 years of age. This is the explanation offered Jose Luis Vergara, interviewed on a radio station.  

“Now, you have to be a little sympathetic to this sort of thing, how good could we say that we love you Lazca measure and weigh (…) the high caused when the Army contracted to the Army, I have understood I was 17, I still do not rule out that after that he has grown. “

According to the DEA, “The Lazca” measured 1.76 meters, while Semar reported that his height was 1.60 meters. The description provided to the U.S. agency on the hood does not match the information you gave the federal government nor the date of birth, as the first mentioned year 1974 and the second, 1975.

The spokesman said the body measured 1.60 meters, according to the officer, and said that the differences are due to the data are estimates of intelligence personnel.

“I wish we could call the offenders to seek their stature,” he said.

Question Seven : Where is the Lazca? Squirrel Commander Reliability Seeing photographs of La Marina on the body of Heriberto Lazcano, the recently apprehended Salvador Martinez Escobedo “El Comandante Ardilla” said that yes, it is indeed the Lazca.  Squirrel Commander “arrested last Sunday in the interrogation identified through photographs, the identity of the ‘Z-3’, to see photos of the corpse was said that if” The Lazca “, the leader of” Los Zetas “. The “Comandante Ardilla”, was the regional head of “Los Zetas” in San Fernando Tamaulipas and was very familiar with “The Lazca”. “The Lazca” would have been best man of Salvador Martinez Escobedo in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, in 2010, according to a photograph taken on the day of the wedding, which appears Heriberto Lazcano with a companion, and “El Comandante Ardilla” with its wife.

Question Eight: Is it as reliable the testimony of a hitman? Truth in networks

There are many inconsistencies. Doubts that the authorities must resolve to leave this swamp informative. Speculations are so fired, ranging from a compact to make posibe protected witness to the most irreverent assumption. One of the most widespread versions networks demerit system on national security, talk that there are strong indications that what happened was something like this:

The Lazca riding a unicorn, we shoot and soon opened a dimensional portal, left hand and took it: official report.

Question Nine: What happened to the body of Heriberto Lazcano, someone is looking for?

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