Spanish police dismantle Chinese Mafia in Fuenlabrada!

17 Oct

Among those arrested was the alleged ringleader, Gao Ping, the Socialist councilor José Borrás and porn actor Nacho Vidal


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Spanish police today broke up, with a hundred arrests, a network led by the Chinese mafia laundering money between 200 and 300 million euros a year, and in which they participated, among others, a Socialist councilor and a well-known porn actor.

Anticorruption chief prosecutor, Antonio Salinas, who appeared before the press to explain the “Emperor operation”, said it carried out at least 80 arrests in Spain, although 108 have been issued arrest warrants, 17 in 7 other countries.

The operation, which involved more than 300 officers and remains open, was centered mainly in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and she seized 202 vehicles and seized 6 million cash in the various records that were held in homes and storage warehouses.

Among those arrested was the alleged ringleader of the network, the Chinese citizen Gao Ping, the Socialist councilor José Borrás, responsible for security of the city hall of the town of Fuenlabrada, on the outskirts of Madrid, and the porn actor Nacho Vidal, reported police sources.

Gao Ping, a leading Chinese entrepreneur and owner of a gallery in Madrid, close to the Reina Sofia Museum, intended to become a “bridge” between Spain and China with art-related businesses.

In 2007, Gao Ping, 45, who lived in Spain since 1989, created the Foundation for Art and Culture (IAC), which, according to its own website, was born as cultural platform to promote the development and exchange of art between Spain and China.

Another of the detainees is the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal, one of the few in the profession who had managed to have a good public image for the generalist, making its activity is not socially stigmatized.

But it was his work as a businessman which ended vinculándole now with the Chinese mafia.

The anti-corruption prosecutor and the Spanish National Court, the court deals with crimes of particular relevance-directed the operation, one of the largest undertaken by money laundering and tax fraud, according to legal sources.

Agents conducted 120 records, half of them in London, primarily in the industrial Cobo Calleja, an industrial area of ​​Fuenlabrada (Madrid), which houses more than 350 distributors and wholesalers is the largest shopping center of Chinese entrepreneurs Europe.

The center Ping Gao owned several businesses, from where products are distributed arrivals from China, like jewelry and handbags that were put on sale by up to 110 different locations in Spain and Europe.

Beside a Chinese trade, a Spanish worker polygon already declared it was “suspicious” that there were “too many high-end cars.”

The investigation began two years ago mainly centered in that polygon, where it was discovered the arrival of containers from China with low-priced products sold in Spain run by local Chinese.

That was the origin of the research tax crime, smuggling and money laundering as part of that merchandise was not declared to the tax, legal sources said.

Detainees were laundering “black money” generated in two ways, either they took the money in carrying bags to China, or delivered to a group of Spanish and Israeli who laundered in offshore shell companies.

All money generated is then used to create other companies, which led to investigate other related crimes karaokes related businesses and restaurants, as well as prostitution and extortion

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