U.S. Assistant Secretary, William Brownfield states that drug cartels in Mexico on verge of collapse!

21 Oct

U.S. Assistant Secretary, William Brownfield, said that the response of organized crime violence is a sign that is “close to collapse”


If he is to be believed! Assistant Secretary, William Brownfield

The Secretary of State for International Narcotics Matters United States, William Brownfield, said today that Mexico is seeing the beginning of the end of the drug industry.

In an interview with the online edition of the Colombian newspaperEl Tiempo“, the diplomat said that the answer of violence by organized crime in that country, is a sign that is “on the verge of collapse” because of pressure from the authorities.

“Four years ago we started a multinational effort in Mexico, dominated by the Mexican government, and what do we see today? In my opinion, we are seeing the beginning of the end with the beheading of cartels and reducing its operating capacity,” he said.

Brownfield said “is what we saw in Colombia in the 1980s and early 1990s, when the cartels felt pressure from the authorities and their response was violence.”

Brownfield, Colombia experienced a similar situation, but then it was not known that the violence was a “sign of an organization to collapse. My theory is that this is what we see in Mexico today.”

The U.S. official admitted that the success of Colombia’s efforts against the drug industry, led to the growth of the illegal activity in Mexico, before their travel to Central and North America.

He said the problem with Central America will move to the Caribbean and most likely will worsen in the coming months and years, because the drug is going to search for new routes to pressure from the authorities.

“They have two options: the Pacific, with sea lanes that are not very attractive, or return to the Caribbean, where they were in the ’80s,” Brownfield said.

He considered that “Dominican Republic is a victim of geography, if it was in the middle of the Pacific would have no problem. But they are in the middle of the Caribbean and the likelihood is that we will see more traffic through that area, no less. In my opinion, this crisis has not begun. “

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