The Jiuvy arrested, head of square Reds in Guerrero

08 Nov
Coat of arms of Chilpancingo.

Coat of arms of Chilpancingo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The federal SSP reported that the arrest of the alleged leader of kidnappers occurred as part of the actions taken in an operation

Federal Police detained in the state of Guerrero Roberto Pedraza Jose Molina, nicknamed “The Jiuvy” was linked to the crimes of illegal kidnapping and extortion in the service of the criminal group “The Reds”.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that federal arrest suspected leader of kidnappers occurred as part of the activities carried out within the operating Guerrero Seguro.

The investigation indicated that Pedraza Molina also served as chief of space “Reds” in the town of Ocotito, in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, where he allegedly headed the drug distribution and coordination of kidnappings and killings against members antagonistic groups.

In this case it was noted that the arrest of the suspect was made to follow up the investigations arising from the arrest of Ronces Mario Perez, on July 8 who served as chief Ocotito plaza, Guerrero.

Through intelligence reports the location of Molina Pedraza was obtained, so a search operation was put into action in Chilpancingo, once he was identified, while riding in a van, he was arrested.

After his arrest “The Jiuvy”, 29, also said he headed the illegal deprivation of freedom of several people whose ransoms demanded in different amounts of money, explained the SSP in a statement.

During the operation, said a Hummer H2, 2006 model, gray MMF3807 license plates, the State of Mexico, an assault rifle AK-47, a charger supplied with 20 rounds of ammunition, a plastic bag with marijuana, plus two telephone equipment.

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