trial of the “Refrigerator descuartizadora” or “Ice Lady”, murders starts in Vienna!

20 Nov

Estíbaliz Carranza is accused of killing and dismembering her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend, whose remains concealed in his ice cream parlor

Vienna starts trial of the “Refrigerator descuartizadora” or “Ice Lady”, murders

The Vienna Provincial Court judges on Monday where the Spanish-Mexican; Estíbaliz Carranza, was accused of killing and dismembering her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend, whose remains were hidden in the basement of the ice cream parlor that he ran.

The psychological study concluded that the defendant is responsible for her actions and can be tried and convicted, but the psychiatrist author of a pathology report warns of a personality disorder and a high risk of relapse.

The prosecution has asked that the suspect Carranza, 34, be held in a center for mentally deranged criminals.

Also the defense will use her psychological problems as an essential pillar of her defense strategy in the trial, to understand that Estíbaliz Carranza, who was born in Mexico and whose family now lives in Barcelona (Spain), is a clear case of guilt diminished capacity.

The account of the facts of the prosecution claims that in April 2008 the defendant shot from behind her then ex-husband, whose body was dismembered and froze. Months later, covered the remains with cement and hid in the basement of the ice cream shop he owned.

Two years later, the prosecution argues, Carranza shot four times at his new partner in his sleep and chopped and hid the body in the same basement.

According to Werner Tomanek told Efe, one of the lawyers who defend it, Carranza was always very attracted to dominant men that were under control and that the defendant was not able to finish those relationships differently from another.

“She was able to see what he did, but not handle that properly understanding. Something did not work on it, “said the lawyer.

Another of her lawyers is Rudolf Mayer, who defended Josef Fritzl, known as the “Monster of Amstetten” for having locked in a basement and raped his own daughter for 24 years.

Carranza faces penalties ranging from 20 years to life, and it is expected that the judgment is handed down from Thursday or Friday of this week.

Since the case came to light when it was discovered by chance the bodies in June 2011, media attention has been enormous and has even been accused by the tabloids dubbed as the “Refrigerator descuartizadora” or “Ice Lady”, referring to the ice cream shop he owned in Vienna.

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