the Army locates and ceases three narco-laboratories in Jalisco

22 Nov

the Army locates and ceases three narco-laboratories in Jalisco

In the Yahualica mililtary municipality nine reactors seized which produces different synthetic drugs, in this case, crystal

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Elements of the 15th Military Zone narco-laboratories secured three in the town of Yahualica, in which were nine reactors which produce different synthetic drug, in this case the glass. Notably, the products found at the site were caustic soda, oxygen tanks, and LP gas centrifuges and generators.

The assurance was because local soldiers conducting an operation above the area because of anonymous complaints about a smell of chemicals processed, so military began monitoring.

“Military personnel of this territorial command observed near the town of Yahualica Gonzalez de Gallo Jalisco, a cave used as a clandestine drug laboratory for developing synthetic drugs,” said Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery Staff Corona Leopoldo Camacho

The production of the reactors is estimated at just over half a ton of synthetic drug, “every reactor produces about 150 kg per month each reactor here could make an estimate of 500-600 kilograms,” said Lieutenant the 15th Military Zone.

The first clandestine laboratory was located in Rancho Santillan, amid a cave where there was evidence of several chemicals essential for the development of the drug. In addition, the reactors were in flames, indicating that they had little time to have stopped working.

The other narco-laboratory was located only 50 meters below the first, which was smaller and had only reactor. The last clandestine lab was located in the town of Zapote, which operated three reactors in an abandoned house.

In the operation, no arrests were made, as they are supposed to produce some drugs and then move to another site in order to not be reached easily, “operate laboratories for very short time, get some production and try to move other points to avoid being located, “he added.

Finally, with the assurance of these three narcolaboratorios add the 28th  located by the 15th Military Zone so far this year, with the municipality most used is Tlajomulco where these illegal establishments produce the largest amount of drugs seized and  in  Yahualica, four illegal labs were found this year.

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