What cease fire, The Hamas have already broken it!

22 Nov
What cease fire, The Hamas have already broken it!

Israel stopped , Yet the Hamas launched attacks after truce

Israel stop the fire ordered by the truce with Hamas, however there are reports that rockets were fired at the Jewish state

JERUSALEM,  Israel ordered its army to stop the fire towards the Gaza Strip in regards to the truce with the Hamas, however there are reports that several rockets were fired at the Jewish state after the agreement came into force .

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), through its representative Yoav Mordechai, confirmed tonight that were ordered to cease fire and act except to respond to provocations from the Palestinian territory. “We are waiting,” said the representative.

“We will be inactive if no fire on civilians or our troops, but if any answer,” he said Mordechai, who after praising the military operation against armed Palestinian groups, held that this evidence of deterrence will be measured in the coming hours.

However, the fragility of the truce mediated by Egypt and announced was evident tonight, because in the space of an hour, after the entry into force of the ceasefire, was reported rocket fire from Gaza.

Israeli police said at least 12 rockets were fired into the Jewish state, and although he did not mention the site or were intercepted, said caused no damage or casualties, according to reports in local newspaper The Jerusalem Post .

The possibility of a truce to end the armed conflict between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), was announced the day before, but still did not respond Tel Aviv and accepted the ceasefire until Wednesday.

In a press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Cairo, the Foreign Minister of Egypt, Mohamed Kamel Amr, announced this afternoon and said the truce would take effect at 09:00 am local (19:00 GMT).

Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, said the “victory” of the Islamist group on Israel and said the Jewish state had “failed in his quest” to launch attacks on Gaza, as Palestinians had accepted the terms.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip also reacted with joy to the announcement of the truce and took to the streets of the country to celebrate the “victory of Hamas” while similar celebrations took place in several West Bank towns.

Many Palestinians fired in the air, others kissed the ground, some drivers honking their cars and women wailed, while a more distributed sweets and kisses in jubilation by the cease-fire, which threatened to flare up.

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