Most wanted Joe Luis Saenz, arrested by FBI in Mexico!

25 Nov
English: Photo of Jose Luis Saenz, who is an F...

English: Photo of Jose Luis Saenz, who is an FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mexico extradites one of the 10 most wanted by the FBI

Joe Luis Saenz, 37, a known gang member was arrested in Los Angeles Guadalajara

One of the fugitives from U.S. justice, including in the list of “Ten Most Wanted” was arrested by the FBI on Thursday in Mexico and extradited to Los Angeles on Friday.

The charges are for murder, rape, kidnapping, car theft, drug possession, vandalism and violation of probation. Authorities in the USA have been searching for him since 1998 and placed him among its top ten priorities.

Joe Luis Saenz, 37, a known gang member from Los Angeles was arrested in the western city of Guadalajara in a joint operation with the Mexican government, said Bill Lewis, acting deputy director of the FBI office in Los Angeles. Mexican authorities said that the suspect was given the same U.S. police Thursday he was transferred by plane to Los Angeles.

The FBI said Saenz accused of fatally shooting two rival gang members in July 1998, in retaliation for the murder of his companions.

Saenz suspected his girlfriend, Sigrieta Hernandez, who is mother of his daughter, was to accuse the authorities for the killings, investigators said. He is also accused of kidnapping, rape and murder of his girlfriend two weeks.

Saenz also believed to have killed Oscar Torres at his home in a suburb of Whittier in October 2008 because he refused to return $ 600,000 from selling drugs after police seized him money in a traffic stop. Authorities said they have video footage of a house up the towers we see when Sáenz murders him and injures another person.

Saenz was on the list of most wanted by the FBI since 2009, at the same height of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the Mafia in Boston James “Whitey” Bulger and other known criminals. They offered a reward of up to $ 100,000 for information to achieve their arrest.

According to the FBI, Joe Luis Saenz, about 37, is considered extremely dangerous, as it also is accused of being a member of a Mexican drug cartel, but do not specify which. Originally from Los Angeles, California.

Another alias of Joe Luis Saenz are Gabriel Saenz, Luis Saenz and Peanut Louie Saenz , and his 37 years and was considered one of the most wanted by the authorities of the United States.

According to the FBI, Saenz is accused of fatally shooting two rival gang members in Los Angeles in July 1998 of kidnapping, raping and murdering his girlfriend less than two weeks.

He is also accused of fourth murder in the city of California in October 2008. There was a reward of up to $ 100,000 for information leading to his capture.

FBI investigations indicate that Saenz belongs to a Mexican drug cartel, and has a history of constantly traveling to Mexico and the United States.

Search photos indicate that Saenz had multiple plastic surgery operations performed on his body to remove and change tattoos in order to prevent his being captured, said the FBI’s Internet portal.

Because international treaties Mexico has with the northern neighbor, and while defining his legal status, the Federal Police will hold this subject, as appropriate arrangements are made to make it available to the U.S. authorities.

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