John McAfee shows up in Guatemala

05 Dec

The computer mogul John McAfee, appeared before reporters in Guatemala with his lawyer

John McAfee shows up in Guatemala

John McAfee shows up in Guatemala

GUATEMALA, The computer mogul John McAfee, yoga enthusiast, lover of tropical paradises of the Caribbean and millionaire, ended a chapter in the odyssey living from murder, nearly a month ago, its neighbor in Belize, the case has been linked.

After weeks of leaving false clues to his whereabouts, U.S. tycoon appeared before journalists in Guatemala, accompanied by the renowned lawyer Telesforo Guerra, whose clients include former dictator Oscar Mejia Victores or former President Alfonso Portillo, accused of laundering money.

One of the qualities of War to be hired, according to McAfee himself acknowledged in his blog on the Internet, is that “Samantha’s uncle,” the young man of twenty with the antivirus software mogul, 67, recognizes that maintains a romance.

Another is that Telesforo Guerra, a native of Belize and Guatemalan citizen for years, “is very well versed in the intricate system of Belizean Government corruption,” he adds.

The McAfee bizarre odyssey began when Gregory November 10 Viant Faull, 52, his neighbor in Ambergris Caye, an island paradise located off the coast of Belize where he retired in 2008, was found shot dead head.

McAfee had fights with his neighbor, a contractor and former Marine of the U.S. Army who had even accused of poisoning dogs guarding his mansion.

Right from the outset, when the police came to investigate the murder of neighbor hid McAfee, burying himself in the sand, under some cardboard to avoid being discovered while police searched his home.

Although only the Belizean authorities have expressed interest in interrogating the computer magnate on the crime of its neighbor, the McAfee antivirus program creator, who insists that he fears for his life, he began a long flight that has now led to Guatemala , a country considered a “safe haven”.

“In the last three weeks I have had no contact with the U.S. Embassy in Belize, because many of its employees are Belizeans and do not feel safe communicating with them,” McAfee said in his blog on a somewhat paranoid.

This is not the first time the U.S. tycoon shows his suspicion of being a victim of a plot by the Belizean authorities, which has reaffirmed that he will not surrender “under any circumstances”.

“You can call me paranoid but I want to kill them, no doubt.’ve Been trying to catch for months, they want to silence me,” McAfee said recently to Wired Magazine, to blame the harassment victim claiming to be prime minister Belize, Dean Barrow.

In his appearance before the press, McAfee said he delivered the Belizean Government $ 80 million since 2005 to help develop the country, but suspended aid because of the corruption, which he attributed to the “persecution” and to accused, said, “of a crime I did not commit.”

From his blog, McAfee Barrow offered to meet with him “like gentlemen” in a “neutral country, to discuss our mutual affairs”, without elaborating on what issues are concerned.

But the ruler granted Belizean doubt have “little or no knowledge of the level of corruption that extends each branch of government” and offered to deliver “thousands of hours of video and audio recordings as evidence.”

Finally, apologized to his “followers” for publishing false information in recent days in his blog, as he had been arrested on the border between Belize and Mexico, to mislead the Belizean authorities.

“I have not slept in 24 hours (…) I’m riding endless meetings a strategy for the next steps (…) I love you all,” McAfee says goodbye, whose fortune is estimated to have been severely decline due to the loss suffered by their investments by the crisis.

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