New narco tunnel discovered in California

07 Dec

Elements of the Mexican Army discovered a narco-tunnel and arrested eight suspects who worked in the excavation

Narco tunnel in California eith arrested

Narco tunnel in California eith arrested

TECATE, The Mexican Army discovered a narco-tunnel and arrested eight suspects who worked on the excavation inside a house in the center of the city, said the commander of the Second Military Zone.

The commander of the Second Military Zone, Gilberto Landeros Briceño, said when attending a citizen complaint, went to the place located in the alley Madero, and far looked at people coming in and out of the house acting suspiciously.

Upon arriving at home, he said, they saw a person down tool of a vehicle, who realizing military presence tried to flee, but was caught with a bag containing 294 grams of marijuana.

When you review the property, they discovered that there was a water purifying company name “Water and now”, then located underneath a bath tub a hydraulic system to be powered up a cover and showed off the entrance to a tunnel .

Briceño Landeros said the tunnel characteristics that have an entry of 1.60 by 1.50 meters, a depth of 12.7 meters, a height of approximately 1.6 meters and a width of 1.5 meters.

He also said that the tunnel had a length of 135 meters, however, not yet reached the international boundary, as it was under construction.

It also has a stretch of 49 meters long rails conditioning, ventilation and lighting, the background was diverse material that was used for excavation, such as shovels, picks, buckets and wheelbarrows, among others.

During its review were apprehended seven others who excavation They performed with different tools, so they were made available to the competent authority, he said.

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