Fast and Furious weapons and Miss Sinaloa

21 Dec
Fast and Furious weapons and Miss Sinaloa
English: FN FNC

English: FN FNC

Fast and Furious and Miss Sinaloa

CBS News notes that the FN Herstal was originally purchased by George Gillett, ATF agent and know how it came to drug trafficking

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 20. – Two guns were found at the scene where Mary died Susana Flores Gamez (Miss Sinaloa), of which, one was linked to the Fast and Furious operation.

According to CBS News , the FN Herstal gun was originally purchased by George Gillett, agent of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives) also notes that an investigation was opened to determine how the weapon reached the hands of drug dealers, who faced of with the Mexican Army on 25 November, in Sinaloa, where the 22 year old girl was killed  along with four other people.

They add that in an interview with Gillett, who is still working on the ATF, the agent acknowledged buying the gun and then having been in Phoenix over the Internet, but declined to name the buyer emphasizing “not a criminal” and have delivered the weapon legal elements required transaction.

In this regard, Senator Charles Grassley has called for an urgent investigation to Gillett, who appears to have provided false information about purchasing firearms.

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