Rape of Tourist in Acapulco

11 Feb

Tourist are not safe in Acapulco!

Español: Área turística del Acapulco Tradicion...

Español: Área turística del Acapulco Tradicional o Náutico en Acapulco, Guerrero, México. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The coordinator of the PRD senators, Miguel Barbosa, said the violation of six Spanish tourists last week in Acapulco, Guerrero, requires three levels of government to exhaust all lines of investigation.

The legislature also highlighted problem in capturing those responsible, otherwise will challenge the actions of the authorities and law enforcement in Mexico.

This unfortunate event will not be solved with the demarcation of powers or responsibilities, with dramatic unfortunate statements or requests federal support, but through actions and coordinated strategies between the fields of government, he said.

Guerrero is one of the entities facing enormous complexities and obstacles, “precisely because of that situation, Guerrero citizens opted for a change and elected people with the ability, experience and strength to meet their demands,” he said.

“That trust can not be disappointed,” he said and warned that these unfortunate events in Acapulco can generate economic damage by the withdrawal of Spanish and European tourism in the Mexican resorts.

This, he added, is serious because right now the federal government and various state governments view tourism as a sector of the economy to trigger the development and promotion of the best tourist destinations is to ensure safety for visitors.

“We can not resign ourselves to that insecurity prevents citizens from around the world visit us because we can not guarantee the minimum required security,” he said in a statement.

Barbosa Huerta felt to do justice in this case and that “violations must not go unpunished, otherwise, the ability of the authorities will be compromised and with it, the entire administration of justice in our country.”

The Institute also president Belisario Dominguez said that Mexico has to show its capacity for research and application of justice, so sued the federal, state and municipal spare no resources to clarify the facts.

It is necessary, he insisted, provide care for the victims and their companions, make capturing their attackers and then take actions and decisions so that crimes of this nature resubmitted against any foreign or domestic tourists.

“Events like those that occurred in Acapulco should be the reason for the three levels of government have coordinated actions, innovative and above all, sensitivity to the victims,” ​​he said.

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