Captured a serial rapist in the act, aboard a White Van

14 Feb

Javier Mendoza Davila was arrested after sexually abusing a 20 year old woman, who was tied hand and foot

Van used in serial rape
Van used in serial rape

The capital police arrested Javier Mendoza Davila 29-year-old, who is reportedly identified as a dangerous serial rapist, who was arrested by policemen belonging to the UPC Chuchilla modern farms in the colony, Gustavo A. Madero.

According to police reports, Mendoza Davila was arrested after assaulting physically and sexually to a girl on the street, police in Mexico City, these facts originated when the crew of the patrol P07-35 performing his harmonica surveillance by 171 East Street referred colony, then heard the cries for help of a woman, which came from the back of a Ford Ecoline white type license plates 431-XMV.

Preventive agents surprised the occupants of the vehicle and asked them down, when you open a door the officers observed a woman who was half-naked and tied hand and foot, while the guy who opened the door tried to run for escape from the military, no clutch, was captured.

Once safely, the victim of 20 years, said being a girl on the street and explained that her assailant walked up to the vehicle to force subsequently hit and outrage her inside the van.

The police also found inside the vehicle woman’s’ clothes, probably from other victims.

Mendoza Davila was submitted to the Territorial Coordination Public Safety and Law Enforcement GAM-3, specializing in sexual offenses, which confirmed that this man has been involved in several sexual assaults in the area. The suspected serial has the same modus operandi denounced by other victims

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