Monterrey 137 people killed this year todate!

17 Feb

A group of armed men this afternoon shot and killed five men in two separate attacks in the colony Garza Nieto, west of the city, police sources said.

Monterrey, Mexico 137 people killed so far this year 2013
Monterrey, Mexico 137 people killed so far this year 2013

According to the preliminary report of the authorities, the first case was recorded around 18:00 hours, in which four people were deprived of their lives and another was injured.

The attack was perpetrated at the intersection of November 20 and Juan de Cevallos, arriving there the gunmen in a pickup truck and a taxi to mow down his victims.

Moments after the gunmen fled the scene and went to a garage, located in Lima and Comonfort streets, in the same colony, killing another person.

So far unknown identities now deceased, however it is assumed that one of them was a former police officer, and others engaged in drug sales in the area.

Troops of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) went to those sites and collect the first evidence for the investigations continue.

Besides the Forensic Medical Service personnel arrived to collect the bodies, which showed multiple gunshot wounds, and move to the amphitheater of the University Hospital and the autopsy law.

According to figures from the Attorney General of Texas, in the course of the year, a total of 137 people have died in organized crime-related.


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