CUERNAVACA, 10 people have been executed in Morelos

19 Feb

In the last 72 hours at least 10 people have been executed in Morelos , in an escalation of violence by criminal groups operating in the state, who have been shootings and executed people, despite the announcement of single command.

10 people have been executed in Morelos in the last 72 hours

10 people have been executed in Morelos in the last 72 hours

The last action of criminal groups took place in the town of Acatlipa, in the town of Temixco, where an armed group entered a house of Narciso Mendoza Street, located between the streets September 15th and Constitution, and opened fire .

According to information at the scene, one of the bodies was in the entrance to the house, while three others were found inside, but until now have not been identified nor the motive establish in this multiple homicide.

The Army and the Federal Police had to cordon off the area, due to the aggressiveness of relatives who repeatedly violated the perimeter guarding the crime scene and assaulted the experts who conducted the initial investigations.

The first two bodies were found in the town of encajuelados Tepoztlan, a narcomensaje and blow. In addition, victims were gagged.

That same Friday afternoon there had been a shooting practically outside the Municipal Police Command.

Another person appeared at the boundary between the suburbs of Yautepec and Cuautla, with wounds on his body, but because of their advanced state of decomposition has not been identified and is investigating the causes of his death.

Two more bodies appeared Sunday in a cane field planting called Las Iguanas, in the community of Santa Rosa 30, Tlaltizapán Township. Both bodies have not been identified, but one was male, while the other had mutilated his lower extremities from the pelvis.

Both showed burns one hundred percent of the body surface, due to the burning of the crop and subsequent findings. The first surveys had indicated that an estimated time of death of three to five days.

Finally, a woman with signs of strangulation appeared in a hotel located in Jojutla, Galileo, her body leaning against a bed.

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